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Zadar-Apartments.co.uk brings you online bookings at the best selection of private accommodation in Zadar. Zadar is a typical Mediterranean town with everything that town offers: tourist info center, bus station, bars, hotels, apartments, private accommodation, nightlife. Book one of our authentic apartments from our offer in Zadar and enjoy the spirit and uniqueness of the Mediterranean.

Zadar, Croatia is located in the very center of the Croatian Adriatic, in the most indented part of the coast. The national parks Plitvice, Paklenica, Krka and Kornati, nature parks Velebit and Telascica, as well as more than 300 islands and islets, are all in the vicinity of this historical town. Natural beauties, numerous coves and beaches, cultural and historical monuments, and tourist offerings, make Zadar one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Croatia. Accommodation in Zadar spans everything from apartments,rest houses, beachfront villas (in Diklo) and hostels to hotels. Thanks to its geographical position, Zadar has a mild Mediterranean climate, which is reflected in the beautiful Mediterranean vegetation, with occasional exotic subtropical plants in town parks. An average air temperature in the summer months is 25 C, 7C in the winter, while the average sea temperature is 23C during the summer. In Zadar, the apartments, rest houses, private rooms and hostels provide the best value for your accommodation budget. Renting an apartment can be an economical choice for families as the cost is usually much lower than renting a few hotel rooms.

Its historical and cultural heritage make Zadar one of the most interesting Mediterranean towns.

The following cultural monuments are worth visiting

  • The church of Saint Donat from the 9th century - a unique one in Europe.
  • The Roman Forum from the 1st century, from the Emperor August times - the largest researched forum site on the eastern Adriatic coast.
  • The Saint Mary's Bell Tower from the year 1105, a lovely Romanesque building, built by Koloman, a Croat-Hungarian king.
  • The Harbour Gate with an arch dating from Roman times.
  • Saint Francis' Monastery with treasury and the oldest Gothic church in Dalmatia.
  • The Cathedral of Saint Stosija from the 13th century is one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches with floor mosaics in Croatia, dating back from the 5th century.
  • The Church of Saint Grisogono from the 12th century is one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches in Croatia.
  • The Church of Saint Peter and Saint Andrew the Elder, from the 5-6th century.
  • Saint Simeon's Church with the saint's tomb, is the most precious example of the Croatian medieval goldsmith.
  • Sea organs.
  • The Greeting to the Sun.
  • Museum of Ancient Glass Zadar.

Traditional events in Zadar, Croatia

  • Music Nights in Donat.
  • The New Theatre Festival.
  • Zadar Summer Theater Festival.
  • Various art performances.
  • "Night of the full moon", which is held in July.
  • Public festival "Days of Maraska".

Fun and nightlife in Zadar

Zadar has excellent nightlife, unspoiled and varied, and the greatest detail is that the majority of Zadar nightlife is situated in the city's historic center. When the winter coldness leaves Zadar's roads, the town's bustling population of college students pack open air coffee bars. In the summer season, the Ledana and Garden clubs remain to lead the way as for fantastic music and positive vibes are concerned. There are a number of super-hip discotheques but the largest nightclub on the Croatian coastline, Saturnus, is roughly 16km north of Zadar in Zaton tourist resort.

  • Discotheque "Forum" in city center.
  • Club "Arsenal".
  • Lounge bar "Ledana", perfect place for enjoying drinks and music in the beautiful surrounding of the romantic Queen Jelena Park.
  • Night Club Maraschino.
  • Hitch Bar.
  • Rafting on Zrmanja river, one of the most attractive rivers of Europe. An ideal time of year for rafting on the Zrmanja River is in the course of the fall months and spring season when there is plenty of water and the weather is pleasant and warm. The rafting trip is embedded with a couple of spectacular waterfalls.
  • Maslenica Bridge Bungee Jumping: the bridge is situated about 30km from Zadar.
  • Mango - cocktail bar on the waterfront at Diklo.
  • Numerous cafes on Kalelarga street.

Best beaches in Zadar

The beaches of Zadar and of the islands of the Zadar riviera are exceptional for the variety and richness of the seashore, there are many large and tiny bays and coves.

  • Kolovare - the most popular beach in Zadar is pebbled and partly cemented. If you are interested in accommodation near the Kolovare beach click here.
  • Osljak Island - small islet, ideal for people who are looking for peace and privacy. The Island of Osljak is connected with Zadar via ferry.
  • Borik - sandy beach awarded with Blue flag for water quality and cleanliness. The list of private accommodation near the Borik beach can be found here.
  • Diklo - long pebble beach in the elite summer resort. The list of private accommodation in Diklo can be found here.

The best time to travel to Zadar

Needless to say, you want to check Zadar's meteorological conditions before you plan a journey. It is based on what you want to do, naturally, although for most purposes the finest time to explore Zadar is in late spring or early fall followed by summer and, lastly, winter months. Beginning of the year, the town may seem as if it were sleepy, only waiting for the 1st rays of sunshine to drive away the shiver of the chilly weather, clear the sky and let the fun begin. Although there’s as well something about the calmness of the winter months in Zadar when time seems to stop just as it has for a number of sights of Zadar, that have withstood the challenge of time. The hottest months are clearly July and August, with barely any clouds and average temperature levels of almost 30 degrees Celsius. It’s the ideal time to come for anyone who likes it hot, and appreciates being a part of the fun-filled buzz of the town. If you favor hot weather however also want to explore the town when it’s a bit less cramped, May and September are a fantastic suggestion. Normally, the meteorological conditions are equally good, just the sea might not be as pleasant, especially in May or early June.

Finest time to visit Zadar is most likely summer. 1st, there are tons of affordable air travels flying into Zadar airport. 2nd, there are many of manifestations and events happening in Zadar during the course of the summer months. 3rd, plenty of beaches in Zadar, lots of little and large islands like Ugljan, Pasman, Dugi Otok, Osljak are waiting to be explored.

Average accommodation prices

Finding accommodation in Zadar

With such an amazing variety of historic cities and small towns dispersed throughout the Croatian Coast, holiday accommodation in Zadar makes the perfect starting point for a journey of discovery through a part of Croatia that not just seems loaded with history and culture but simply brims with impressive natural charm. Zadar accommodation is highly focused on 3 and some outstanding 4-star hotels. At the other end of the scale, there's a number of great budget hostels and lots of holiday apartments.

A large number of Zadar hotels and private accommodation are in the residential areas: both in Borik, the cape that lies approximately three kilometers NW of the city center or in Diklo which is a slightly further. In either case, you are not inside easy walking proximity to the center of Zadar, however, you will be close to the beach. Part of the Borik cape is gently forested and there is a lengthy beach that curves around a depthless cove. Diklo additionally has a number of pebble beaches. There are a couple of dining establishments, bars, and night-clubs in Diklo and Borik.

Beware that buses to Diklo and Borik operate approximately every 20 to 30 minutes. If you have already booked accommodation in town suburbs like Borik or Diklo, you can save lots of trouble by getting a taxi instead of needing to go to the main bus station and after that switch to a local bus. If you have made a decision to visit Zadar or want to stay there for a while, it is quite significant that you find a place to stay where you would feel most pleasant and relaxed. There are many options to choose from, such as hotels and resorts, apartments, holiday houses, and more. As elsewhere in Croatia, many apartment owners in Zadar expect you to stay for at least three nights. In summer due to high demand for accommodation, you may be expected to stay for seven nights, especially in apartments.

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