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Accommodation close to the center of Zadar


We've got the best selection of accommodation in the town centre of Zadar, close to the tourist attractions like Promenade Karma, Hitch bar, Park Vladimir Nazor, Gate Fosa, Park Kraljica Jelena, Bar Ledana, Cathedral Zadar, Square Pet Bunara, University Zadar, Maraschino bar.

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Apartments close to the center of Zadar



  • University Zadar University Zadar ~ 0,8 km from Zadar
  • Maraschino bar Maraschino bar ~ 1 km from Zadar
  • Bar Ledana Bar Ledana ~ 1,3 km from Zadar
  • Garden Bar Zadar Garden Bar Zadar ~ 1,3 km from Zadar
  • Park Kraljica Jelena Park Kraljica Jelena ~ 1,3 km from Zadar
  • Square Pet Bunara Square Pet Bunara ~ 1,3 km from Zadar
  • Main square Main square ~ 1,3 km from Zadar
  • Church Sv.Krsevan Church Sv.Krsevan ~ 1,3 km from Zadar
  • Cathedral Zadar Cathedral Zadar ~ 1,4 km from Zadar
  • Park Vladimir Nazor Park Vladimir Nazor ~ 1,4 km from Zadar
  • Gate Fosa Gate Fosa ~ 1,4 km from Zadar
  • Archeological museum Zadar Archeological museum Zadar ~ 1,4 km from Zadar
  • Benedictine monastery Zadar Benedictine monastery Zadar ~ 1,5 km from Zadar
  • Church Sv. Donat Church Sv. Donat ~ 1,5 km from Zadar
  • Forum Zadar Forum Zadar ~ 1,5 km from Zadar
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