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Best beaches on Dugi Otok island

The beaches at Dugi otok are primarily stony, and in settlements with cement patios. The majority of the shoreline is low, therefore it could simply be reached from the sea as from the land. Nudity is frequently practiced, so, setting aside the beaches in the small towns and harbors, all other can be regarded "combined" or naturist. Of course, there are additionally a few beaches that can be reached just with boats and one gorgeous sandy beach (Sakarun beach) in the southern area of island. There are no extensive stretches of sand sloping softly to the sea. Actually, in the majority of the island's villages, there are man-made spots where it is practical to get in the sea as well as sunbathe on the seacoast.

Sakarun Beach

Best beaches on Dugi Otok island

Sakarun is a huge pebbly/sandy beach that is approximately 800 m long, facing the open sea of the Adriatic. It is frequently defined as the only sandy beach on Dugi otok which isn't really an precise representation as it is pretty much a pebble beach which just comes to be sandy at the very sea's edge. It is situated on the northern shoreline of the island, close to the village of Veli Rat, Soline and well known Bozava. Little white-colored sands of the sea has a unique brilliant turquoise color. Sakarun is among the most attractive and popular beaches in this part of Croatia. The beach is undoubtedly busier at the eastern end close to the beach bar. If you want more room, just be prepped to take a walk 200-300 metres in the direction of the western side of the beach or use the 2nd small path closer to the village of Veli Rat .

Veli Zal Beach

Best beaches on Dugi Otok island

Settled in the central area of the island of Dugi otok, only a couple of km from the small settlement of Brbinj and quite near to the village of Dragove, this big pebbly beach has a exceptional bright white sand in the sea and small pebbles out of the water. Veli Zal beach similar to Sakarun beach is a pebble beach that turns into sandy at the water's edge. It is rather protected as it is defended by the small isle of Mezanj. There are no tourist services of any type at Veli Zal so it is essential to carry food and water with you. In several aspects Veli Zal is the ideal beach for kids as the entry to the water is very much simpler compared to the man-made 'beaches'. There is a car parking area close to the beach.

The beaches around the big lighthouse Veli Rat

Best beaches on Dugi Otok island

Located in the most northern edge of the island, very close to the small settlement of Veli Rat, you will discover several little pebble beaches all around the greatest lighthouse in Croatia. The beaches are encompassed by pine forests that offer shade and a little freshness in the warm afternoons and present a magnificent contrast of colors among the pines and the water. The lighthouse more than 40 meters high, constructed in the 19th century by Austro-Hungarian union. Residents will inform you that the brilliant yellowish color painted on the lighthouse is because of the 100,000 egg yolks which were blended into the color. A little chapel belongs to it. The area is wonderful for taking a walk or cycling. In the evening hours you take pleasure in the most amazing sundown.

Sali Beach.

Sali Beach is considerably shaded by forests that descend near to the water's edge. Nevertheless, the boat dock offers the perfect area for sunbathing. It is additionally is the ideal platform from which to plunge directly into the sea for people dare enough to do so. Nevertheless, there is no chance to softly wade in as the sea-bottom descends very fast. This implies that Sali Beach is certainly not appropriate for small kids or anybody who is not a good swimmer.

Lake Mir & Telasica Nature Park.

Best beaches on Dugi Otok island

Lake Mir is in the Telascica Nature Park which is situated in the southern part of Dugi Otok Island. I was extremely amazed when I first found the lake Mir and I believe you will be as well. Lake Mir is settled in a slim area of the island between the gulf of Telascica and the sea and contains a series of underground watercourses that link it with the sea, making it a saltwater lake. The salinity in the lake is very high meanings there may not be many sea animals in the lake.

Beaches in Bozava.

At the close range to the Bozava hotels practically along the entire coastline there are sunshiny and shaded stony beaches and small secluded bays and private beaches with excellent access to the sea. There are cement and wooden patios with deck-chairs constructed on for sun-bathing and leisure. Guests also search for interesting stony wall beaches gradually diving into the sea depths. They are perfect not just for guests looking for an peace yet also for visitors practicing nudity as they guarantee practically ideal intimacy because of their broken relief.


As on many southern Croatian beaches, there is a relatively relaxed approach as to what to wear or not to wear while on the beach in Dugi otok. On Bozava Beach and the some other beaches, most of women keep their swimsuit tops on, even though on a few places will swim topless. On beaches far from villages, for example Sakarun and Veli Zal, going topless is frequent however far from being mandatory. As a standard rule, the further you are from the center of to the beach, the more common it is for women to go topless.

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