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Recommended accommodation - Island Pašman, Zadar, Croatia


Island Pašman, Zadar hotels


Tourist information

Pasman is an island off the coastline of the Adriatic Sea, situated to the south of Zadar, bordered by the islands Ugljan, Dugi otok, Kornati and Iz. The charming Pasman Channel, with numerous islets looking like dispersed jewels, separates it from the mainland and the cities of Zadar and Biograd. The altering currents through the strait channel make this region one of the cleanest in the Adriatic. The result isn't just wonderful sea but a haven for scuba diving enthusiasts and beach worshipers. All settlements are around the east shoreline. Pasman is link up with land by ferryboat ( Biograd - Tkon ). There are eleven villages on the island, the population of which is engaged in day fishing and tourism. Main occupations are farming, growing of vines, olives, fruit and vegetables, livestock breeding, sportfishing and tourism.

The beaches in Pasman are a prominent traveler getaway for the guests from Biograd, who come on a daily basis by ferryboats. Sports and entertainment fans can take pleasure in bicycling, wind-surfing, scuba diving, jogging, football, tennis, beach ball, windsurfing and numerous other adventures. Like in any other Dalmatian town, town of Tkon also organizes various events, the most popular of which are "Latinsko idro"-- that's when the sailing and rowing race is organized, as well as the "fishermen night", organized since 1986-- that's when you can enjoy roasted fish, shells, red wine and countless other hand made specialties while listening to popular music or dancing.

Pasman sights

The island of Pasman has been inhabited since the ancient times. Along the bay of Sveti Ante on the south-western seashore is a little, pre-Romanesque one-nave chapel. From 11th century the island was managed by the Biograd jurisdiction and from 1126 by the Zadar archdiocese. It was inhabited by the fugitives who fled from the Turks. We should point out Illyric towns ("gradine") and rudimentary strongholds at elevated sites, Roman ruins, ville rusticae, various mosaic, a stone sculpture of St. Michael from 12th century ( in the village of Nevidjane ) and many others.


Mediterranean environment is responsible for the growth of lush flora and fauna, many species of medical and aromatic plants and also the submarine world hides all kinds of shells and fish of the Croatian Adriatic. The island of Pasman is covered with lush Mediterranean greenery -olive-grove, pinewoods, vineyards and heavy evergreen growing wild, and also with some aromatic and medicine natural herbs. The island is defined by mild winters, hot summers and many hours of sunlight, which ensures taking a bath from June to October, and for the braver even longer. Mild and wet winters (February on Pasman island has an average temperature of 9 ° C) have many benefits, among other things allowing winter tourism in Pasman.

Accommodation on island of Pasman

Recently, these persistent, dedicated and peaceful fishers and planters have been offering a lot of apartments, car-camping, wine basements and restaurants. There are many different types of accommodation available, suitable for families, couples or groups. family hotels and resorts, guest houses and holiday apartments are all evident on the island. There are many newly built apartments on Pasman island, which offer the option of a more tranquil holiday at the pace of the individual. Highly finished, furnished and sought after, such apartments enable the holiday maker the ability to holiday in their own style, ideal for honeymoon couples, or families with a selection of needs to address.

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