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Recommended accommodation - Island Ugljan, Croatia


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Tourist information

The island Ugljan is located between Zadar and Dugi Otok island and it have an outstanding ferryboat link (Zadar - Preko) every hour. Separated from the mainland by the Zadar Channel, it is linked with the island of Pasman by a bridge ranging over the Zdrelac Strait. It is also named the green island due to the fact that it is covered by thick bush, pine trees, olive plants, fig plants, vineyards and other Mediterranean plants. Human population on Ugljan involves in cultivating, olive growing, fruit growing, fishing and tourism. In the southern side the island is linked by bridge to island Pasman and it isn't so seclude as other islands of archipelago. Ugljan is one of the most densely inhabited Croatian islands. All villages (Ugljan, Lukoran, Preko, Sutomišćica, Kali, Kukljica and Poljana) are located along the coast of the cultivated eastern side of the island.

Why visit the island of Ugljan

Ugljan is good spot for travelers that means to explore the Kornati by boat or who would like to take an trip and check out other places in the coast (Krka, Murter, Zadar, Biograd, Murter, Sibenik) during the vacation. There is always possible to discover some nice motive, beach, or "konoba" with good wine. Regular trips to Kornati national park are arranged from Kukljica with touristic ships. Culinary art and services in enjoyable Mediterranean environments of many Ugljans taverns guarantees you gastronomic delight in the native specialties made of ecologically healthy and balanced food from small backyards, fresh fish and clamps along with many barbecue dishes.

Sport and entertainment

Fans of active holiday have many possibilities for sporting activity and entertainment like: tennis, sea volleyball, football, table tennis, bicycling, scuba diving, canoe or boat. Thanks to many roads in the town, you can ride a bicycle and take pleasure in the stunning landscape covered with pine trees and thick Mediterranean greenery. If you want to see the real charm of the "sea garden" it is vital to take a look deep under sea. Scuba diving center Ugljan in the center of the town organizes scuba diving school and one day trips under sea guided by a team of skilled coaches. Traditional public events, exhibits, concerts in churches, spectacles in summer scenes and hotel terraces, disco in open space are part of enjoyment and fun that Ugljan has to offer.

Island of Ugljan - Climate

The climate is Mediterranean with dry summers months and gently winters. Average temperature level is above 15 ° C, average temperature of the hottest months of June is 24 ° C, maximum daily is 36 ° C, and the coldest January is 8 ° C. Number of days with temperature levels below 0 ° C is very low, and high temperatures are around 16 days per year. There are no constant time periods of low of high temperature, and also there are no extensive periods of dry or rain. Insulation is around 2500 hours per year, and in June sun shines between 11 and 13 hours per day. During summer months the sea is gets warn hot than the land. This is where the refreshing influence of the sea comes from. From the end of August to middle April the sea is much less warmer than the air, and in this period it acts as a source of warmth, softening the coldness of winter.

Few travel tips

If you're planning on exploring island Ugljan in Dalmatia, don't wait any longer! Zadar-Apartments.co.uk can provide you with the insights to take advantage of your journey, and guarantee you don't miss out on any of the fantastic things that Ugljan has to provide! We can at the same time give some recommendations on the ideal time of year to explore Ugljan, some general travel suggestions, recommendations on the must see attractions and spots in the region, in addition to some special insider details: a complete Ugljan travel guide! Tourist places stretch throughout the eastern coast of the Ugljan island; Lukoran, Preko, Kukljica, Kali, Poljana, Ugljan and Sutomiscica. The island is the perfect place for those who wish to take pleasure in nature's beauty and the pleasant Mediterranean climate. The region records an average of more than 12.5 hours of sunlight in the course of summer season and its moderate winter is a gift to those who do not wish to have a bad time through the chilly winter months. Even though cars are allowed on the island, the most ideal way to discover it is by foot or by riding bikes. The finest way to experience the Mediterranean ambience is by strolling along the quay or drinking a favorite cocktail on one of the outdoor patios with a view of the Zadar Channel.

Find your perfect apartment or holiday house

Our website offers a wide range of Ugljan holiday houses, all with a balcony and garden, and a view of the sea to make you fall in love with the crimson beauty of the sunset. Our Ugljan holiday apartments are an excellent choice, for those who have a tighter spending plan. You needn't worry about a slump in high quality however – just like the holiday houses, our apartments offer sea views that will make you want to stay on this magnificent island forever. The Ugljan holiday apartments are large, and can house up to 8 people – nice if you're travelling with a big group of like-minded individuals. If you're in the market for more luxury rentals, why not push the boat out a little and rent yourself one of our favourite holiday houses or villas with pool. They are large, offer a much better sense of privacy and can house more people as well. Book your holiday on the Island of Ugljan now and and take pleasure in an one-of-a-kind experience from the comfort of your Ugljan holiday apartments and villas.

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