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Islands near Zadar

Situated on coastline of the Adriatic Sea, Zadar island chain is with no doubt one of the most stunning holiday places in Dalmatia. The Zadar Archipelago consists of some 300 islands off the coast from Zadar. The north area of the archipelago is full of semi-abandoned isles, even though number of islands besides Silba have considerable tourist establishments


Densely populated Ugljan, right opposite town of Zadar, is practically a residential area of the town, and it is the lengthy Dugi otok, located beyond Ugljan island, that offers most in the way of spectacular landscapes. It is here that you will find the gorgeous Telascica Bay, the archipelago's well known natural beauty destination.

To check out the islands, you can choose to discover the charming beaches and hills by foot, trekking via hill tracks or seaside paths, or hire a vehicle or a mountain bicycle for fun and touring. Local winds in Zadar archipelago are ideal for sailing and wind-surfing. Regardless if you're a novice or an advanced sailor, the outstanding wind conditions guarantee that your sail boat gets to any location very easy. Zadar archipelago is one of the finest sport fishing locations in Dalmatia.

A pearl of the Archipelago are Kornati isles, the same named National Park with it's 89 unpopulated islands. Populated and bigger islands like Dugi otok, Ugljan, Pag and have countless secret spots, gulfs, beaches where you can spend a day in idyllic surroundings. Most of the Zadar islands are unpopulated so the guests coming with a motorboat can find many natural landscapes that are still presenting in authentic configuration with no human interference.

Dugi Otok

Islands near Zadar

Dugi Otok is the biggest of these islands, measuring 124 square km. There are a scattering of settlements all around the island, which subsist mainly on fishing and farming. The genuine charm of the island is its rough landscape and natural attractions. The north is also the home of the well-known Sakarun Gulf. On the south side of Dugi Otok is the Telascica Nature Park and Kornati National Park. Island of Dugi Otok is a fantastic spot for unwinding on the beach or scuba diving


Island of Ugljan

Islands near Zadar

The island of Ugljan is one of the more inhabited islands in the Zadar Archipelago. Island Ugljan is linked to town of Zadar by everyday ferryboat lines. It is also knowned as the green island due to the fact that it is covered by pine trees, olive trees, dense bush, vineyards and various other Mediterranean plants.

Island of Molat

Islands near Zadar

Molat is fairly secluded island with just a few hundred people populating the island. There are 3 major settlements, Brgulje, Molat, and Zapuntel. Even though there is no hotel accommodation offered on the island it may be possible to arrange private stays in these settlements. The numerous coves are a common vacation spot for yachters. Island of Molat is a peacefull and quiet, with little known beaches and countless hidden coves for diving and number of taverns and small markets. Beaches are stone, rocky or sandy.

Island of Pasman

Islands near Zadar

Island of Pasman is split up from the mainland by the Pasman channel, situated to the south of Zadar in the direction of Biograd Na Moru. There are 11 villages on the island, engaged mostly in fishing and tourism. The southern side of the island is plentiful in attractive intact nature, gorgeous bays and aged fishermen houses overseeing one of the most stunning group of islands in the Adriatic - Kornati. Recreation fans can take pleasure in the several paths and bike tracks.

The small Zadar's islands

All islands of the Zadar archipelago provide a vacation far from the common vacationer crowds: Olib, Premuda, Silba, Zverinac, Rava, Iz, Sestrunj, Rivanj, Ist, where typically it is not actually possible to bring the vehicle and sometimes the automobiles are clearly prohibited. The arrival of the ship or ferryboat is the main event on the island. To obtain the signal of cellphones, quite often you need to walk right up to the highest possible peak of the island. Naturally, in villages like these, the relax is ensured.

The smallest Zadar's islands

The smallest Zadar's islands are those where there are no villages or towns, but just a few residential properties. These are typically stone homes that were once used by fishers to secure themselves at the time of violent storms. In the archipelago of Zadar islands of this type are, to name a few: Krknata, Zut, Lavdara, Brusnjak ... There are no regular ferry or catamaran lines to get there, but you can arrive by motorboat - your own, or in deal with the owners of the apartment. To stay in the residences of the fishermen you have to organize effectively, bring practically every little thing needed.

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