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Paklenica National Park

Paklenica National Park is situated just a little away from the coast of Dalmatia, located approximately 50km northern from ancient town of Zadar. National Park has 2 canyons: Big and Small Paklenica. Nowadays there is no water streaming throughout Small Paklenica. Close to the doorway into the Big Paklenica there is an artificial basement facility that had been constructed for marshal Tito during the course of the tension between USSR and Yugoslavia in the late 1940s. The closest seaside town to the national park is Starigrad. The region had been declared a National Park since 1949, as a result of the unique natural environment and various other range of life in the National park.

Paklenica National Park

Climbing is the only approach to truly become familiar with Paklenica. The Park area includes 180 - 200 km of tracks and routes, from those planned for travelers, leading from Big Paklenica Canyon to Manita pec cave, Lugarnica forest cabin and the mountain shelter, to those planned for mountaineers, leading to the top peaks of Velebit mountain. The tracks in the National Park are marked with boards and alpinist signs.

Paklenica National Park is one of the most explored hiking spot in Croatia, and the biggest in this part of Europe. The close distance of sea gives this climbing spot a unique charisma, creating Paklenica Riviera a perfect location to integrate hiking and water sporting activities. These days, there more than 200 furnished and improved paths of different difficulty standards and sizes inside Paklenica's hiking sites, so each and every mountain climber can choose to their preference. The primary climbing period starts in springtime and continues until late fall months.

Holiday accommodation in and around Paklenica National Park

The campground "National Park" is situated on the coastline, close to the entryway to the Park Open from early April to November each year, the camping site is appropriate for camping with camping tents or with motorhomes/caravans. There are also cottages and shelters inside the Park, the biggest of which is the Paklenica Mountain Hut which has around 50 beds. Facilities in these are somewhat fundamental - bringing some type of camping gear including a sleeping bag and coverings is recommended. This is a fantastic way of really experiencing the National Park. Hotels in close-by town of Starigrad include Hotel Rajna, Vicko and Hotel Alan. Accommodation can be found in private apartments and villas too.

Getting to Paklenica National Park

The closest flight terminal to the National Park Paklenica is Zadar Airport, which is approximately 47km far from the Park. Transfer by bus to Zadar Bus Station, then afterwards take a bus from there to town of Starigrad. Buses to Starigrad from other areas of Croatia also exists. Quickest way to reach Starigrad - Paklenica is via the A1 freeway in the direction Zagreb. It is ideal to exit the highway at Maslenica interchange and take the main road in the direction of Rijeka. If you come from the direction of Rijeka, take the Adriatic Road- D-8.

If you are coming in from Italy, the quickest route possible is to take the Zadar-bound ferryboat from Ancona. The journey takes 8 hrs (the ferryboat typically leaves at 10 pm and arrives in Zadar at 6 am). The benefit is that this journey is far more pleasant and much less stressful than using other options of transport.


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