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Sakarun beach

In the Northern area of Dugi otok, close to the settlements of Soline and Verunic, it is positioned the most attractive beach of the island and Zadar archipelago. Sakarun is the island's most famous and for that reason most crowded beach. It is a large gulf with high quality white sand in the sea. The depth degrades really gradually and that makes it most suitable for little kids. It offers sun umbrella and longchairs. The pine forest offers you shadow during the course of your stay. Of course, there is also a sandwich shop and the owner will surprise you with excellent drinks and food. A sandy sea bottom and depthless waters make this tranquil bay attractive among family groups, while at the same time a number of beach bars cater to the younger people.

Sakarun beach

The sea is depthless a long way, into the gulf. You can continue walking out and out and nevertheless be able to stand on the sea bottom. Consequently, the sea water is a little bit warmer here than on the other beaches along Dugi Otok shoreline. You can hang around in diving and swimming or have fun in the picnic places of pine's shadow. Its charm is among the main reasons why Sakarun is one of the most photographed beaches in Dalmatia Region. It is approximately 800 meters in length and at some 250 meters from the coast it is 3.5 meters deep, meanings that the swimming region is incredibly big and depthless and appropriate even for little kids.

How to get there

Access to Sakarun Beach is from one of two gravel paths leading from the main road between Božava and Veli Rat. Throughout the top summer months, there is a small train that takes guests the 5 kilometres from Božava straight to the beach. At the far eastern part of the beach, where the train docks, there is a small coffee bar with w.c. and other facilities.

Without a doubt the most effective ways of navigating around the island is by automobile, either your very own or one rented after coming in Zadar. The primary north-south road along the spine of the island is well-kept and simple to drive along, as is the link road to it from the ferry-port at Brbinj. Carrying your personal bike or renting one after your landing in either Bozava, Brbinj or Sali, will enable you to discover the island, including some locations that are not easily accessible by automobile. There are bus services on Dugi otok island but they are somewhat limited.

The beauty of Dugi otok, the beach Sakarun, will amaze lots of people and please those individuals who want transparent waters and white colored sand at their fingertips. Sakarun, just like several other bays on Dugi otok is a protected port for seafarers, and for this reason makes Dugi otok a perfect location to find sanctuary from the strong forces of sea and wind.


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