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At the southeastern side of Dugi Otok is the spectacular Telascica Nature Park, an km long gulf studded with 6 tiny islands. After the Kornati National Park, Telascica must be the obvious destination, a graced relief after the baron sun-blasted scenery of the Kornati Kanal. These 2 nearby parks could not be more incomparable from each other with Telascica presenting a rich awesome tree cover down to the coast of Dugi Otok, where it covers much of the south part of the island. Telascica is one of the most gorgeous and biggest gulfs in the Adriatic Sea. It is bordered by 13 islands and islets, and six islands inside the gulf itself. It is also a famous retreat for numerous types of boat and yachts. The NE edge of the gulf is totally naked, without any greenery, while the south-western edge is full of thick forests of pine, olive and fig trees. From the Tripuljak cove, via a five minute route, you can arrive at the Mir Lake, which has an area of 230,000 m2, and a depth of up to 10m.


You can see stunning planted fields and the cliffs, encompassing the lake, which is rather rich in Mediterranean greenery and you won't presume that it have approximately five hundred species of plants and is similarly rich in fauna as well. There are a number of activities that are offered to the guests for example, they can dive at a number of interesting locations in the park, close to the high cliffs or can take a walk in the natural surroundings. However one thing which you should not miss out there, is the panorama from the Grpascak lookout place.

Getting to Telascica Nature Park

Telascica Nature Park is not reachable by road or ferryboat. The only way to get to Telascica park is by motorboat, possibly your own or via an trip from Zadar town. You can also lease a motorboat in Sali, the main village in Dugi Otok and the urban center nearest to Telascica park. Dugi Island is linked to the continent properly, with ferryboat and catamaran lines. In the region of the Park, there are a couple of taverns and small restaurants, where you can check out old-fashioned specialties. They are situated on the island Katina, and the Mir, Mala Proversa and Magrovica coves.

Mir Salt Lake

Mir Salt Lake is a couple of mins walk from the south west edge of Uvala Tripuljak. Walking over a short rise you will arrive at a lengthy slim lowland positioned between the backs of the sea cliffs to your right and a little hill (100m) to your left. The lake itself is 850 metres in length, a little less than 300 metres wide and is no more than 6 meters deep. At its southern edge there is a 100% natural dam of rock that holds it back from streaming into the sea. Lake Mir is linked to the sea by a sequence of underground holes and is freshened via them. Normally it is saltier than the bordering sea water due vaporization that is induced as the water it stores warms up quicker and higher than the sea as a result of its constrained place and shallow depth. Swimming in the lake water is a pleasure, due to the fact that the temperature level is constantly at least 6 degrees warmer than the bordering sea water.


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