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University of Zadar

The University of Zadar was established in 2002, but it is the oldest university in Croatia the historic sense, because it was established on the bases of the Dominican University (Universitas Iadertina), formed in 14th century in Zadar. Additionally, the University of Zadar is the biggest completely integrated university in Croatia. There are approximately 500 staff members at the University which is composed of more than twenty departments with around 6000 college students studying at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level. The University of Zadar, rated as a mid-sized university in the European environment, in lots of elements of the higher education reform and harmonization with the EU member states is a pioneer in Croatia. The Town of Zadar on a regular basis support the activities of the University: the organization of conventions, conferences, scientific seminars and symposia.

University of Zadar

The quality of the courses

The quality of the courses relies significantly on the teachers. There are incredible ones as well as very lame ones. The quality also relies very much on the field of study, a few are really state of the art and remarkable, for instance linguistics, some seem to have skipped the last couple of years on research in their field, f.i. philosphy. The University of Zadar presents a wide range of activities for internationals, all over the year and they can also arrange accommodation for you. The residents are very open-hearted and helpful and not scared to meet newcomers! The residents appear to be quite homogenous at first sight, as generally there are very few immigrants (which is a minus). If you make a decision to study in Zadar just for one semester I really suggest to go there in summertime semester. In winter season, there is much less going on. Lots of people speak at least some English, and many are pretty much fluent.

Cost of living in Zadar, Croatia

Rental fees are kind of expensive for the quality most apartments offer(approximately 300-350 euros plus operating expenses for a room in a communal residence). however if you have plenty of free time and be there in advance you may get something more economic. It can also be a great idea to be there in advance before hundreds of exchange college students seem to be searching for a apartment all at once. Public transport is likewise kind of costly, the rest of living costs (food in grocery stores, eating places, pubs, nightclubs) are really OK though and more or less inexpensive. The cost of living generally is relatively budget-friendly, the typical wage in Croatia is much below what many expats are used to earning in their home countries. And, obviously, for anyone relocating to an completely new state, there will always be an element of culture shock, or at least some considerable cultural differences.

University Departments

The University of Zadar is completely integrated university, being composed today of more than 20 departments: Department of Economics, Department of Archaeology, Department of Classical Philology, Department of Croatian and Slavic Studies, Department of Agriculture and Aquaculture of the Mediterranean, Department of Transport and Maritime Studies, Department of English, Department of Ethnology and Socio-cultural anthropology , Department of French Language and Literature, Department of Geography, Department of Psychology, Department of German Studies, Department of History, Department of History of Art, Department of Information and Communication Sciences, Department of Italian Language and Literature, Department of Librarianship, Department of Linguistics, Department of Marine Biology, Department of Pedagogy, Department of Philosophy, Department of Sociology.

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